One Good Turn is the 71st episode of Thomas and Friends


Bill and Ben are sent to help in the yard at Wellsworth. When the arrive they tease BoCo like usual, and then start shunting. Soon they finish and as a reward for their hard work, they are allowed to have a go on the turntable.

Bill goes first and stays on the table until the foreman orders him off. Unfortunately, Bill is sent onto the same line as Ben, and they end up buffer to buffer. They argue about who is in whose way until the Fat Controller finally silences both of them.

Each blames the other for the incident, and the next day, they decide to give each other the silent treatment and badmouth one another to BoCo and Edward. Eventually, Edward and BoCo, at the end of their tether, make a plan to get Bill and Ben back together. Their plan is then carried on to the Fat Controller.

The Fat Controller tells the twins to take BoCo's heavy goods train, and Ben claims to be able to pull it himself. When he discovers the train is too heavy for him, the twins realise their mistake and work together to pull the train, therefore making up for their quarrel.


  • Edward
  • Bill
  • Ben
  • BoCo
  • The Fat Controller
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