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ABC For Kids: Live In Concert 1993

ABC For Kids: Live In Concert is an ABC For Kids video released in 1993. It is the first live video with ABC for Kids characters. The concert was filmed in Late 1992.

Song List

  1. Singin' in the Bathtub - Mic Conway
  2. Jollity Farm - Mic Conway
  3. The Hokey Pokey - Mic Conway
  4. Insects and Bugs - Gillian Eastoe
  5. I Can Do Magic - Gillian Eastoe
  6. Jellybean Jar - Gilllian Eastoe and Mic Conway
  7. Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star - Gillian Eastoe
  8. Rufty Tufty - Mike Jackson and Ian Blake
  9. Hop Tu Naa - Mike Jackson and Ian Blake
  10. Cat's Got the Measles - Mike Jackson and Ian Blake
  11. Here Comes a Bear - The Wiggles
  12. Dancing Ride - The Wiggles
  13. Okki Tokki Unga - The Wiggles
  14. Dorothy the Dinosaur - The Wiggles
  15. Rock-A-Bye Your Bear - The Wiggles
  16. Get Ready To Wiggle - The Wiggles and All Artists




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  • Murray is the only Wiggle not to be talking. He sings the Kangaroo part of Here Comes a Bear.
  • This is the final video to feature The Wiggles, that was produced by ABC instead of The Wiggles themselves.
  • Mike Jackson and Ian Blake are seen leaving at the beginning of Gillian Eastoe's segments despite not being introduced yet. Gillian Eastoe is also seen briefly leaving after the song Cat's Got the Measles in a sequence where the Wiggles say hello. This is because the events after Mic Conway and before The Wiggles were switched in a different order.
  • Anthony Field's name was credited on Get Ready To Wiggle