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The Wiggles & Play School Wiggly Safari & Patterns Is A 7th [[File:The_Wiggles_&_Play_School_Wiggly_Safari_&_Patterns_2019_DVD_Cover.png|thumb]]
ABC For Kids Double Feature DVD Released In 2019
==Special Features==
2 Bonus Episodes From Play School Series 2016
#[[Moving Pictures (Tuesday)]]
#[[Let's Explore (Monday)]]
Interview With The Wiggles & Steve Irwin
Photo Gallery
==DVD Menu==
Bandicam 2019-05-27 20-01-09-607.jpg|Background Music:The Crocodile Hunter (Instrumental)
Bandicam 2019-05-27 20-18-18-357.jpg|Background Music:Kookaburra Choir
Bandicam 2019-05-27 20-26-03-706.jpg|Background Music:Wobbly Camel
Bandicam 2019-05-27 20-30-51-660.jpg|Background Music:Do The Owl
Bandicam 2019-05-27 20-34-04-587.jpg|Background Music:Old Man Emu
Bandicam 2019-05-27 20-38-58-564.jpg|Background Music:Put On Your Hat
Bandicam 2019-05-27 20-42-20-649.jpg|Background Music:Let's Play Together
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