ABC For Kids Hit Clips 3 DVD (2006).png

ABC For Kids Hit Clips 3 Is A 3rd Installment Of The Hit Clips Series


  1. Justine Clarke The Gumtree Family
  2. The Wiggles Fiesta Siesta
  3. Diddle Diddle Dumpling
  4. Sesame Street Mambo I I I
  5. Mister Whiskers Hello Mister Whiskers
  6. The Fairies Six Little Ducks
  7. The Hooley Dooleys I Can Kick
  8. Bananas In Pyjamas Mellow Yellow
  9. Smokey Robinson It's A Colourful World
  10. Play School Standing On One Leg
  11. Angela And Penny Holiday
  12. The Save Ums Theme
  13. Sesame Street Do The Jelly
  14. The Hooley Dooleys Jump Boogie
  15. Justine Clarke Watermelon
  16. Bananas In Pyjamas Dance Mix
  17. Play School The Dino Stomp
  18. The Wiggles Everybody Dance
  19. Pat A Cake
  20. The Fairies Fairy Bootskooting
  21. Mister Whiskers Smiggy
  22. Jasper The Penguin Theme
  23. Boohbah Theme
  24. Justine Clarke Off To The Library
  25. Sesame Street Just Happy To Be Me
  26. The Hooley Dooleys Walking Slow
  27. Play School My Dog Bill
  28. The Wiggles Camera One
  29. Bananas In Pyjamas Banana Holiday
  30. Count By 5
  31. Mister Whiskers Mister Sun
  32. The Fairies The Fairy Twist
  33. Justine Clarke I Like To Sing
  34. Sesame Street A New Way To Walk
  35. The Wiggles The Wiggly Trail
  36. The Hooley Dooleys Conga Line
  37. Play School Jack And Jill
  38. Mister Whiskers My Toybox
  39. Two Times Tables
  40. Sesame Street One Small Voice
  41. Justine Clarke Rainbows
  42. The Wiggles Sydney Barcarolle
  43. The Hooley Dooleys Super Dooper (song)
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