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"ABC for Kids: Party Pack" is the 5th DVD overall to be made by ABCforKidsEnthusiast. It was released on August 26th 2017 and re-released in 2018.

Videos Featured

  1. The Wiggles: Hoop-Dee-Doo: It's a Wiggly Party
  2. Bear in the Big Blue House: Bear's Birthday Bash
  3. Bananas in Pyjamas: Celebration

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Original 2017 release

2018 re-release

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2017 release

2018 re-release


  • This is the first Double Feature DVD to feature more than two videos (this means that calls a triple feature DVD meaning three videos on one DVD)
  • On the Hoop-Dee-Doo menu, "Playtime" was listed on Bonus Episodes on the original 2017 release, but on the 2018 re-release, it got taken out and replaced with three episodes from Arthur because "Playtime" was already featured on Wiggly TV + Rock-A-Bye Bananas (released a month and a half later)
  • On the Celebration menu, "Wonderful Cake" was featured as a bonus episode.
  • The title "Party Pack" is similar to the Bananas in Pyjamas' DVD title released in 2005 with the videos; Dancing Daze (released later as a Double Feature DVD with Bear in the Big Blue House video "Dance Fever"), Beat Box (released with "Music to My Ears") and It's Music Time! (released later with a Double Feature DVD with The Hooley Dooleys video "Pop")
  • All three videos were party-themed and were released in early 2000's, Bear's Birthday Bash and Celebration were both 2002 videos, and Hoop-Dee-Doo: It's a Wiggly Party was released in 2001.