ABC For Kids Fanon: Pop Go the Wiggles and Singing Time

The Wiggles and Bananas in Pyjamas - Pop Go the Wiggles and Singing Time DVD Cover - Copy.jpg

"Pop Go The Wiggles! + Singing Time!" is the 19th Double Feature DVD made by ABCforKidsEnthusiast. Released in July 5th, 2018

Songs and Episodes Included



  • On DVD Menu, it opens with all The Wiggles (Sam, Anthony, Jeff and Murray) singing "Pop Goes the Weasel" at the same time.
  • Unlike Hot Poppin' Popcorn + Roll Up! Roll Up! which was the latest Wiggles video of the Double Feature Series, this is another Double Feature to have a Wiggles video from the late 2000's. Not only that, this is also the last Double Feature DVD to feature Sam Moran as the Yellow Wiggle.
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