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"ABC For Kids Video Hits" is Australian video released in 1991 by ABC Video. It includes video clips of songs sung by artists such as Peter Combe, Franciscus Henri, Don Spencer, The Wiggles and many more.


  1. Pat the Cat - Don Spencer
  2. White Pyjamas - Franciscus Henri
  3. Monster Mash - Ross Higgins
  4. Newspaper Mama - Peter Combe
  5. On Top of Spaghetti - Joe Dolce
  6. Fairy Penguin Strut - Don Spencer
  7. Get Ready to Wiggle - The Wiggles
  8. Singin' in the Rain - Glenn Butcher
  9. Spaghetti Bolognaise - Peter Combe
  10. Eating on the Plane - Robyn Archer
  11. Down on the Corner - Malcolm McCullum, Chris Lloyd, Armando Hurley, Jamie Rigg
  12. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (Opening) - Grace Knight
  13. Papa Oom Mow Mow (Closing) - Jenny Morris

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