ABC For Kids Live is an album that was released in 1993. The songs Rock-a-Bye Your Bear, Okki Tokki Unga and I Can Do Magic, which appeared on the video, were not included on the CD. When You Smile, Arabella Miller, The Kookaburra Sits, Old MacDonald Had A Farm and Uncle Noah's Ark were added. Some of the vocals and instrumental parts were re-recorded for the CD.

Song List

  1. Singin' in the Bathtub - Mic Conway
  2. Jollity Farm - Mic Conway
  3. The Hokey Pokey - Mic Conway
  4. Insects and Bugs - Gillian Eastoe
  5. That's Disgusting - Gillian Eastoe
  6. When You Smile - Gillian Eastoe
  7. Jellybean Jar - Gilllian Eastoe and Mic Conway
  8. Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star - Gillian Eastoe
  9. Rufty Tufty/Hop Tu Naa/Cat's Got the Measles - Mike Jackson and Ian Blake
  10. Old McDonald/The Kookaburra Sits - Mike Jackson and Ian Blake
  11. Here Comes a Bear - The Wiggles
  12. Dancing Ride - The Wiggles
  13. Uncle Noah's Ark - The Wiggles
  14. Dorothy the Dinosaur - The Wiggles
  15. Get Ready to Wiggle - The Wiggles and All Artists



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