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A Bad Day for Harold the Helicopter is the 4th episode of Season 6 of Thomas and Friends and the 134th episode overall.


Percy is getting annoyed that Harold keeps on delivering the mail, even though it is his job, but Harold just says that is what friends are for. One morning, Percy is happily delivering the mail, but gets stuck at a broken signal. He can not go past it since it is stuck at danger, so Harold has to be called to take the mail for him. At first they load a few bags in his net, but Harold demands that all the mail should be loaded in so he is not slow, like Percy. So they load all the mail into the net, and Harold begins to set off.

Just as Harold sets off with the mail, the signal is fixed. Everyone tries to call Harold back, but he does not hear them. Unfortunately, his net becomes too heavy for him, his engine starts to rattle and the heavy mail causes him to lose control. The mail net gets stuck in a tree and Harold falls down into a haystack. Percy is shocked and puffs over to Harold and asks if he is alright. Harold tells Percy to get someone to pull him out of the haystack, which he does at once.

Back at Tidmouth Sheds, some of the engines tease Harold. He thanks Percy for helping him out of the haystack and Percy says that is what friends are for.


  • Harold
  • Percy
  • Sir Topham Hatt
  • Harold's Pilots