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A Bad Day For Sir Handel is the 84th episode of Thomas and Friends


Skarloey and Rheneas enjoy working on the railway that weaves around the lakes and long mountain sides. Their coaches are filled with visitors and both engines are proud to run the line, no matter the weather. They will never let their passengers down, but they are old however, and they tire themselves out easily. Their drivers understand this and they then tell them that there is more than enough work for the two of them on the railway and the manager is sending two more engines to help run the line. Both Skarloey and Rheneas are pleased with the news and they promise that they will give them a big welcome.

The new engines, named Peter Sam and Sir Handel soon arrive. Sir Handel is rude, complaining about the sheds and insulting Skarloey. Peter Sam is much friendlier, explaining to a sympathetic Skarloey that Sir Handel is really a nice engine, but he is just upset at the moment. Sir Handel's fireman comes to get Sir Handel ready to pull a passenger train to the top station. He initially refuses, stating that he is tired, and asks if Peter Sam can do it instead, but the fireman does not care, telling Sir Handel he will go first. When Sir Handel picks up his Narrow Gauge Coaches, he insults them by calling them cattle trucks. The coaches are hurt, with Sir Handel simply saying that they are not the sort of coaches he's used to.

Sir Handel arrives at Crovan's Gate and meets Gordon who brings the passengers to Sir Handel's train. The two engines introduce themselves, and Sir Handel recognizes Gordon as a fellow express engine. He goes on to say that he is used to smart coaches and praises Gordon's own, but soon has to leave, with Gordon left speechless. When Sir Handel reaches the top station, he is very cross when he hopes for a rest, but discovers by his driver that he is expected at the quarry to collect trucks. He refuses to do so, and punctuates his point by deliberately derailing himself. Peter Sam arrives with workmen to put Sir Handel back on the rails. The Fat Controller - who is also on board - sternly tells Sir Handel he will speak to him later when he comes home to the sheds. He and Peter Sam leave the work train to put Sir Handel back onto the rails.

That evening, Sir Handel returns to the sheds to find the Fat Controller waiting for him, as promised. He scolds Sir Handel that he is a very naughty engine and shuts him up in the shed until he can be trusted to behave.