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"A Puppet Show" is the 15th episode of The Wiggles' World.


Anthony loves the sound of the electric guitar and plays a number of songs for us to enjoy. The Little Wiggles take us back in time to see Anthony playing his guitar. The King of Curly Town would like Lachy to do a puppet show. We meet Spot the Dalmatian, Zurich the Zebra and Phil the Platypus. Wash Your Hands with The Wiggles, use soap and water while you count to fifteen.


  1. Anthony's Guitar Music (Instrumental)
  2. It's A Message from Curly Town
  3. The Message Song (Puppet Show)
  4. Ponso The Pony
  5. Spot the Dalmatian (New recording)
  6. The Handwashing Song
  7. Joannie Works With One Hammer (Live)


  • This is another episode with a song that was first uploaded to The Wiggles' YouTube channel, the other was We've Got Our Glasses On which had the Canadian Alphabet Song.
  • This episode aired on Treehouse TV the day Lachy celebrated his 35th birthday.