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Here is a list of Adult Humour in ABC For Kids


The Adventures of Tintin


  • The series contains physical violence, firearms, drug references and alcohol and tobacco depictions.

Prisoners of the Sun

  • Seagulls poop on Thompson and Thomson's hats


Arthur's Knee

  • Blood is seen on Arthur's knee when he cuts it on a bean's can.


  • George has nose bleeds and Francine pukes offscreen.


  • The plot involves DW trying to find out what the word she heard meant. (which is censored by a bleep)

Bananas in Pyjamas

Ship Ahoy

  • B2 accidentally hits B1 in the rear end with the broom

Singing Time

  • Rat in A Hat rubs his bottom on some hay

Bananas Without Pyjamas

  • The Bananas are seen without clothes on throughout the episode although only their top half is shown.

Princess Lulu

  • Lulu touches her breasts while feeling her new dress.

Rat's Farm

  • Rat in a Hat attempts to get milk from Camembert by lifting her tail

Big Clean Up

  • Pedro bites B2 in the rear end while cleaning up the farm.


Barney's Great Adventure

  • During Old MacDonald, Cody steps on some cow poop

Bear in the Big Blue House

Imagine That (CD-ROM)

  • Clicking on the toilet in the bathroom would result in Bear saying ‘Hmm. Toilets aren’t much fun to play with but they sure are great to have when potty time comes around’
  • In the song Hip Hop Hide and Seek, if the player chooses the word ‘pot‘ for the third verse, at the end of the song, Pop says ‘I have an advice. Never hide in the potty’ before Pip tells him it’s ‘pot‘, not ‘potty’.

Blinky Bill

Blinky Bill's Favourite Cafe

  • Blinky tells Splodge "Don't be such an ass". However in this context. Ass is a term used to describe someone who is stubborn
  • When Mayor Pelican Said You Cheeky Little The Scene Cuts Straight To Danny And Daisy Dingo As if He Was About To Say A Swear Word.

Blinky Bill Superstar

  • Basil Circus Says Hellhole.

Bob the Builder

Travis and Scoop's Race Day

  • In the UK dub, Spud calls Travis Stupid while in the US dub, he is just called by his own name

Runaway Roley

  • At one point in this episode, Roley sounded like he was swearing, but this only happens in the UK dub


Caillou Hurts Himself

  • After Caillou falls off his bike, Blood is seen dripping from his knee just before he cries

Caillou the Patient

  • Blood can be seen on both of Caillou's knees after he scrapes them

Fireman Sam

Trevor's Boot Sale

  • The episode involves a chemical-related emergency

What Goes Up?

  • Norman uses a toy cop gun throughout the episode which resembles a real gun, complete with a flash shown when fired
  • Norman says 'My Mum Will Kill Me My Leaflets Are On The Balloon'. However, this is not to be taken literally.
  • When James’ ice cream falls on Norman’s head, he first assumes it’s bird droppings before he tastes it

Joshua Jones


  • Many seem to believe that Ravi says the word "crap" before he almost gets struck by lightning, even though he actually exclaimed, "Ha!".

Snake Chase

  • Mr Cashmore says "F**k/Feck" when Spanner mixes the concrete.

Johnson And Friends

Birthday Party

  • Alfred says "Oh my Godfather".

The Pink Thread

  • McDuff Asks ‘Has Michael Been Squeezing You Again?‘ And Johnson Replies ‘And Hugging Me And Squashing Me I Just Wish He Didn't Love Me So Hard’.

The Loose Tooth

  • While trying to clean the loose tooth, toothpaste gets squirted on McDuff Johnson And Alfred in the face. This is a reference to an orgasm.

The Art Exhibition

  • Diesel drives on a tube of white paint while splattering McDuff in the face with it in the process. This is a reference to an orgasm.

All At Sea

  • Johnson tells Alfred that they’ll drink his water (inside Alfred) if they get thirsty to which Alfred says it’s disgusting. This could be a reference to hematophagy. (The practice of certain animals feeding on blood)

Why Is Blue Blue? (song)

  • One of the lyrics in this song is ‘Why do things die?’


Madeline and the Bad Hat

  • Pepito builds a guillotine to use for chopping the chickens' heads off
  • Pepito gets attacked by dogs

The Magic Adventures of Mumfie


  • Mumfie’s trumpeting sound whenever he falls down or sneezes sounds like farting.

Noddy's Toyland Adventures

Noddy and the Useful Rope

  • Tessie Bear and Dinah Doll tell Noddy not to "jerk him [Mr. Wobbly Man] around" when pulling him out of the way of the box.

Noddy the Magician

  • A bag of spells that Sammy Sailor gives to Noddy is a nod to cocaine.

The Magic of Toytown (CD-ROM)

  • Tessie Bear lifts up her skirt during Tessie's Studio.



  • One time, Three said "she'll munch us, crunch us, and gobble us up". This is very similar to vore in some way.


  • A lot of people think he will say poop although he says puddle.


  • When Eighteen splits in three Sixes, their numberlings read the devil's number.


  • Sixteen-Twenty break into a museum simply to get One’s teddy bear back. In reality, breaking into museums can get you arrested, or worse, executed.

Land of the Giants

  • When Forty's Ten was “sticking out”, his shape was shaped like something inappropriate.


  • Most of the people thought that Seventeen said "Cancerine" instead of "Majestic and Serene" but this was not the case. no footage, just a misheard word.


  • Some people thought that Sixteen Ones, Eight Twos, Four Fours, and Two Eights said "Troubling" instead of "Doubling".

The Whole of Me

  • When Two, Three, Four, and Five take their heads off, it could be a reference to decapitation

Five and Friends

  • When the hand is counting, one of the symbols it makes is a middle finger

Postman Pat

Postman Pat Gets Stuck

  • Alf tries to free Pat by humping him.

Postman Pat and the Pink Slippers

  • Bill Thompson finds some melons which Charlie finds ginormous.


Pinga is Born

  • Pinga accidentally urinates on the cushion.

Pingu Runs Away

  • Mother spanks Pingu's butt after he destroyed his family's dinner.

Pingu and Pinga Don’t Want to Go to Bed

  • Mother wipes Pinga’s rear with a tissue and wipes her own beak with the same tissue after that.

Pingu and the Seagull

  • The seagull poops four times, the first on Pingu’s scooter, the second on Pingu’s foot, the third on Pingu’s shoulder and the fourth on Pingu’s head.

Pingu at the Doctors

  • Blood is shown dripping from Pingu’s beak after being hit by the table.

Pingu is Introduced

  • Pingu spits out his green vegetables in the toilet

Pingu is Jealous

  • Pingu wears Pinga’s potty on his head

Pingu Pretends To Be Ill

  • Pingu is seen urinating in the toilet.

Pingu the Babysitter

  • Pingu checks the nappies of the baby penguins by opening them, one of them being dirty.

Pingu the Baker

  • After the bread is baked it sounds like Pingu is swearing

Pingu the Painter

  • After Pingu paints a picture of a sad Robby, Robby splats red paint on the picture making it look like Robby is bleeding

Pingu Quarrels With His Mother

  • Pingu's Mum slaps Pingu in a fit of anger and Pingu runs off crying.

Pingu’s Lavatory Story

  • Pingu is seen urinating on the floor as the toilet is too high before being scolded by Father.

Pingu’s Moon Adventure

  • Pinga uses her potty (which is dripping with urine) as a space helmet.

Stinky Pingu

  • Pinga farts in the bathtub causing Pingu to get out.


Brum and the Bank Robbers

  • The scene with Brum suddenly breaking through the wall is a reference to the 2002 movie Lilo & Stitch both the film came out in June 21, 2002 and the episode aired in 2002.

Brum and the Diamond Dog

  • In the shed, the Posh dog attacking Nick & Rob seems like violence.

Brum and the Crazy Chair Chase

  • Gorgeous Gordon on the chair hitting the sealing was destroying it.


Spot Follows His Nose

  • Spot smells the fresh coat of red paint on the fence Tom was painting which results in Spot getting red paint on his nose and he says that it smells awful which is a possible reference to blood.


To Learn English - Nature

  • When the stick scenes are shown, it sounds like the voiceover is saying "d**ks", when he actually said, "Sticks"

Thomas and Friends


  • The subject of engines being scrapped is referred

The Three Railway Engines (book)

  • In the last illustration of 'Edward, Gordon and Henry', the Fat Controller is seen smoking a cigar

Henry the Green Engine (book)

  • In pre-1972 editions, the story 'Henry's Sneeze' described the smoke and ash covered boys 'as black as n*****s' which was reported in The National Press in 1972. Post-1972 editions have this changed to 'as black as soot'

The Twin Engines (book)

  • In the story 'Break Van', Douglas destroys the Spiteful Brake Van by crushing it

Duke the Lost Engine (book)

  • In the story 'Granpuff' Stanley (as a pumping engine) appears to have a cigarette in his mouth

James and the Coaches

  • James’ driver says ‘You’ve banged the coaches enough to make a leak in anything’

Dirty Work

  • Duck says "Shut Up!" when he pushes a Troublesome Truck

Break Van

  • Douglas destroys the Spiteful Brake Van who is seen with a black eye after being crushed
  • James tells Douglas to "Shut Up!" after being reminded of his tar wagons accident

Edward's Exploit

  • Duck tells James, Henry & Gordon to "Shut Up!" after they make fun of Edward

Donald’s Duck

  • At one point, the narrator says ‘That night Donald’s driver and fireman got busy’ which results in an egg being in the shed.

Toad Stands By

  • Oliver pulling S. C. Ruffey apart is a reference to homicide

Horrid Lorry

  • The Horrid Lorries have physical injuries on their faces

Play and Learn #43 (magazine)

  • The story 'A Special Story About the Fire Engine' involves a fire at the Wellsworth Station booking hall as someone threw a cigarette in a rubbish bin without properly extinguishing it.

Duncan Gets Spooked

  • The Ghost Engine falling off the bridge and into the swamp is a reference to suicide

Percy's Chocolate Crunch

  • While Percy crashing into Mr. Jolly's Chocolate Factory, poop is seen out of the windows.

Henry Spots Trouble

  • The Fat Controller rips his pants

The Wiggles

The Wiggles Movie

  • Some people thought that Wally said the S word before he takes off
  • At the end of Ballerina Ballerina, Wally's pants fall down revealing his underwear
  • After Captain Feathersword gives Wally the Great an award for saving a pirate from the depth of the deep blue sea he accidently knocks the breast of a female next to him.


  • In a blooper, Anthony says "Damnit".
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