Alfonso Rinaldi is one of The Wiggles' closest friends. He wrote songs for them such as "Balla Balla Bambina" and "The Dancing Flowers". He plays the prominent role of the Italian chef in Cold Spaghetti Western and Surfer Jeff. He was also a member of Captain Feathersword's Friendly Pirate crew for a while. As of today, he owns a Cafe in Avalon



  • Alfonso wrote some songs for The Wiggles including Balla Balla Bambina and Olive Oil Is My Secret Ingredient.
  • Also in the song credits for Balla Balla Bambina in the Original 1998 Australian version of Toot Toot!, Alfonso's last name was respelled as Renaldo instead of Rinaldi and also the same happen in the 1999 re-release, one of the letters in his last name, was E instead of I and this must of been a mistake when they we're doing the album booklet during production.
  • Alfonso guest starred in Lights, Camera, Action, Wiggles! (TV Series).
  • Alfonso did also write songs called Amore, Balla and Dormi Bambina.


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