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All Tracks Lead to Rome is the second double-length episode of the twenty-third series.


Thomas is working on the Italian Railway keen to prove to his new friend Gina that he is an expert in all things Italian, until he gets lost down an old mine while trying to take some cargo to the museum not knowing the way.






  • Production-wise, this episode and its successor, Mines of Mystery, as the two specials that form a two-part story, are placed in the exact middle of the regular-length episodes of the twenty-third series, between Thomas Makes a Mistake (the tenth episode production-wise) and Grudge Match (the eleventh episode production-wise).
  • The title is a reference to the saying "All Roads Lead to Rome."
  • This is the first episode to take place in Italy and marks Gina's first full episode appearance, first appearing in a flashback in Grudge Match. This is also the first time she is voiced by Anna Francolini, taking over from Teresa Gallagher.
  • Anna Francolini, Montserrat Lombard, Flaminia Cinque, Antonio Magro and Vincenzo Nicoli join the voice cast.
  • This is the only episode of the twenty-third series set in Italy where Lorenzo and Beppe do not appear physically as they have not been rediscovered yet until the next episode.
  • This episode marks the third time Thomas lies, in this case, about him being an expert.
  • The Korean version to be released with low pitch version in South Korea.
  • The Korean version was made from 25th June 2020, but it was released on VOD on 23rd July 2020.
  • This episode was shown on VOD before airing on television in South Korea.
  • This episode was released on VOD before airing Series 22 on television in South Korea.
  • The story of Lorenzo may have been based on the Zanetti ghost train story.


  • When combined with Mines of Mystery for the Canadian broadcast, Keith Wickham is miscredited as Kevin Wickham.
  • There is a grammatical error on the German title card: It says "Alle Schiene führen nach Rom" when it is supposed to say "Alle Schienen führen nach Rom."


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