Andy Pandy

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Andy Pandy is a British children's television series that premiered on BBC TV in summer 1950 for the Watch With Mother series of children's television programs. Originally live, a series of 26 filmed programmes was shown until 1970, when a new series of 13 episodes was made. A revival of the show was made in 2001 by Cosgrove Hall Films who also created and filmed the revival of Bill and Ben the Flowerpot Men that same year. The show was the basis for a comic strip of the same name in the children's magazines Robin and Pippin.


VHS Releases

  • Andy Pandy (1970)
  • Andy Pandy (1970, 200? Re-Release)
  • Meet Andy Pandy And Friends (2003)
  • BBC Children's Favourites (2003 VHS, 2005 DVD)
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