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Anthony's Friend is the First ever episode of the Wiggles TV Series.


Anthony wakes everyone up by making noise while playing with his "friend" Morty. When Greg, Jeff, & Murray ask him about Morty, they find a mess in the kitchen. Anthony says that Morty was just making breakfast. The three start to wonder if Anthony's playing a trick on them. Dorothy comes and says hi to Morty, when The Wiggles ask Dorothy if she sees him. Dorothy says no but that he's Anthony's friend. Anthony asks if Morty can play at the next concert, but Greg says no-one can see him. Anthony becomes sad that he can't play, but Greg says he didn't say he can't but Anthony gets the wrong message and tells Morty to rehearse. Morty opens the door, puzzling Greg, Murray and Jeff.


  1. Dorothy's Birthday Party
  2. Ponies
  3. Henry's Dance