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小小劇場: Arthur的烤蛋糕 (The Wiggles' Little Theater: Arthur's Baked a Cake) is the third Taiwanese Wiggles video. It's a compilation of episodes of The Taiwanese Wiggles' TV series with wraparound segments shot at Playhouse Disney. It was filmed in 2003 and released on September 2, 2004.


  1. Arthur的烤蛋糕
  2. Captain's 野餐
  3. Anni's 卡
  4. 有風的子
  5. Danny's 糟糕的天
  6. 訓練 Wags
  7. Danny's 布袋戲
  8. Captain, 催眠師
  9. Arthur's 襯衣
  10. Captain's 飛盤


  • The text on the back cover translates to "Video Happy World".
  • The only song on this video is a shortened version of Get Ready To Wiggle with clips of the song's video and various skits.
  • This was the last video to be distributed by Forward Music, as well as the last video to feature Carlos and Anni and the last where Arthur was the Blue Wiggle.