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"At the Farm" is the ninth Hooley Dooleys video. It was released on October 20, 2005. This is also the very last Hooley Dooleys video that was distributed by ABC for Kids, Roadshow Entertainment/ABC DVD and then it moves on to Warner Bros to feature three new DVD's. The video was Filmed in June-October-November 2004.

Song List

  1. We Are The Hooley Dooleys
  2. Something Wrong With My Car
  3. Jump
  4. Tap Tapping
  5. Smile
  6. Medley: Russell The Muscly Kangaroo (Can You Do What I Can Do), Bottom Boogie, Funny Sounds, Show Me, Pizza, Fire Truck Song, Diddley Dee.
  7. Go To Sleep
  8. Little Ray of Sunshine
  9. Working On The Farm
  10. Move
  11. Little Bunny
  12. Penelope Perfect
  13. I Can Be Tall (From How 2 Go To School)
  14. One Little Duck
  15. At The Farm
  16. Goodbye


The Hooley Dooleys

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  • This is second to last Hooley Dooleys to be released by ABC DVD/Roadshow before Oopsadazee + Keep On Dancing was released in 2006.