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Baa! is the 112th episode of Thomas and Friends.


One evening, Percy is fed up with the smell of fish after working at the docks all day. He asks his driver to have a washdown, but there is not enough time because the Fat Controller is waiting for him at the sheds. At the sheds, the Fat Controller announces a festival of flowers, and that a sign saying "Best Dressed Station" shall be awarded to the winner, and he tells the engines to help out with the arrangements. Thomas and Toby discuss their favourite stations and Toby asks Percy which is his favourite, but Percy is too tired to think properly and says the docks by mistake. Thomas can see why when he notices Percy's fishy smell, but Toby laughs saying that the docks is full of fish and not flowers which makes Percy cross, saying that Arlesdale End is his favourite since it is Toby's real home. He then rudely wishes Toby good night as he enters the sheds.

The next morning, Percy collects trucks loaded with vegetables and flowers. His driver explains that they will be displayed on Maithwaite's platform. On the way, Percy sees Harold, and is curious as to why he is buzzing about. Suddenly, Percy is stopped by a ram on the tracks. Percy now worries that he will be late and realizes that Harold was trying to warn him, but his driver knows just what to do. His driver lures the ram off the track with some cabbage and Percy is soon on his way again. When Percy arrives at Maithwaite, the stationmaster tells them the ram has a reputation for always being hungry.

A little while later, Maithwaite is decorated with the flowers and vegetables Percy has delivered. He then moves into a siding and is looking forward to having a rest when he hears a commotion at the station and goes to investigate. He discovers the decorations have been ruined and Percy's driver and the passengers suspect that the mess was the ram's fault. The passengers cannot get into the waiting room because of the ram, but Percy's driver also notices three boys inside, pleading to be let out. The stationmaster and the passengers then realize that the boys were responsible for vandalizing the station, and that the ram was imprisoning them in the waiting room, making sure they would do no more damage. The boys apologise for vandalising the station, and promise to put everything back the way it was before.

A few days later, the Fat Controller invites some of the engines to Maithwaite, winner of the best dressed station award. The Fat Controller then gives one more prize for the ram. He hands the ram a pumpkin, claiming that he will eat his hat if the ram does not like it. Just then, Harold arrives, and the wind from his blades blow the Fat Controller's hat off, only for it to be eaten by the ram. The Fat Controller laughs and says that it seems he would not be able to eat his hat even if he had to. Everyone laughs, and the only sound to come from the ram is a contented hiccup.