Blinky Bill - Blinky Bill The Teacher 1994 VHS.jpeg

Blinky and the Red Car is the third VHS of Blinky Bill season 1 to release in 1995 on ABC Video.


Life for Blinky Bill is always exciting in the newly rebuilt village of Greenpatch. Dorothy Wall's endearing characters are never far from adventure. Join Blinky and his friends in two more lively episodes from the ABC Television series.


  1. Blinky and the Red Car
  2. Blinky Bill the Teacher


  • Two different rating screens for this video exist. One says ‘BLINKY BILL THE LITTLE RED CAR / BLINKY BILL THE TEACHER’ while the other says ‘BLINKY AND THE RED CAR / BLINKY BILL THE TEACHER’. Both cases have their tape label saying ‘BLINKY BILL BLINKY AND THE RED CAR / BLINKY BILL THE TEACHER’



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