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Blinky the Brave and Other Wild Tales is a Blinky Bill DVD that released on January 17th 2018.


With his explorer father away on adventures, 11-year-old koala Blinky Bill is stepping up as the 'Guardian Of Greenpatch!'. Armed with nothing but his cheeky overconfidence, a knack for mischief and his best friend Jacko, Blinky takes on whatever wild perils the world can throw at his peaceful outback home. In Blinky The Brave, its magpie season and Greenpatch is under the constant threat of a good swooping from the volatile birds who have taken residence above the Cranky's house. The dragonous beasts can only be slain by a knight of the highest standing. This is a job for Sir Blinky the Brave! Join Blinky Bill in the Wild Adventures of Blinky Bill.


  1. Brain Freeze
  2. The Bunyip Hunter
  3. New Sheriff in Town
  4. Cranky the Clown
  5. Blinky The Brave
  6. Poopy Trudy
  7. It's A Date
  8. Sir Claude's Last Life
  9. Jurassic Burrow
  10. Rainbows & Princes
  11. Mystery Ball
  12. Freaky Frillday
  13. Notions Eleven