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Bob the Builder is a British children's television show that first aired in 1998



Original series

Project: Build It!

Ready, Steady, Build!

Voice Talents

Original/Project Build It/Ready, Steady, Build!



Screenshot Episode Title Original AUS release date Episode number #
575047612 o.jpg A Christmas to Remember November 04, 2002 (AUS; VHS)

October 07, 2006 (AUS; DVD)

Bob and his friends have their work cut out to prepare for the town's annual Christmas concert and Bob's twin brother Tom is coming for christmas. But when Tom misses his ferry it's up to Wendy to save the day.
TheKnightsofCan-a-LotAUSDVDRe-releaseCover.jpeg The Knights of Can-a-Lot April 7, 2004 (AUS: Video)
August 16, 2004 (AUS: TV)

Bob is given the job to help Dr. Mountfitchet renovate an old castle but a mix-up leaves his father Robert in charge resulting in one disaster after another. Will the castle be finished and will Bob and his Dad get along?

Meanwhile, tales of Camelot inspire Bob's noble crew of machines - Sir Lift-A-Lot, Sir Roll-A-Lot, Sir/Lady Dump-A-Lot, Sir Dig-A-Lot and Lady Mix-A-Lot - in their quest to get the job done, while Sir Spud-A-Lot finds a suit of armour and a fiery steed almost perfect for jousting! Back at the castle, Bob's father is a bit of a royal pain when he locks himself and Bob in the dungeon, then finds himself mysteriously trapped in a maze! Can they be able to get out?

S-l300-1--0.jpg Snowed Under: The Bobblesberg Winter Games August 04, 2005 #03
Bob and the gang leave their home town of Bobsville and head for its snowy and mountainous twin town, Bobblesberg. Bobblesberg is hosting the Winter Games and Bob is asked to build a magnificent log cabin for Bobsville's mayor. Wendy is busy practising for the skiing event, so Bob appoints Scoop as second-in-command. Meanwhile, Scarecrow Spud is a secret stowaway.
S-l300-2-.jpg Built to Be Wild TBA #04
It's hoedowns and showdowns for Bob and the can do crew as they go on vacation to the wild west. Bob and the crew are thrown into an adventure filled with gold mines, campfires and the legend of a long lost treasure. Join the team as they meet a cowgirl named Rio, her horse, Dollar, and her pick-up truck, Jackaroo, and take on the biggest building adventure yet!
RacetotheFinishAUSDVD.jpeg Race to the Finish June, 04 2009 #05
Wendy helps to be an replacement gymnastic while Gripper and Grabber were arguing as they help Bob and the team build a football stadium.

Home Media Releases

Bob the Builder release all the VHS and DVD on ABC for Kids.


  • Scoop Saves the Day
  • Naughty Spud
  • Bob's Birthday
  • Bob's Big Surprise
  • Lofty to the Rescue
  • Pilchard Goes Fishing
  • Mucky Muck
  • Trailer Travis
  • Roley and the Rock Star
  • Scarecrow Dizzy
  • A Christmas to Remember
  • Skateboard Spud
  • Pilchard Steals the Show
  • The Knights of Can-A-Lot
  • Teamwork Challenge
  • Scoop the Disco Digger
  • Bob's Big Plan
  • Snowed Under: The Bobblesberg Winter Games


  • Skateboard Spud
  • Pilchard Steals the Show
  • Teamwork Challenge
  • Bob's Winning Team
  • Can-Do Crew
  • Starting From Scratch
  • Here Comes Muck
  • The Dream Room
  • Let's Build Together!
  • Building Fun At The Zoo
  • A Christmas to Remember
  • The Knights of Can-A-Lot
  • Snowed Under: The Bobblesberg Winter Games
  • Built to be Wild
  • Scrambler to the Rescue
  • Race to the Finish
  • The Legend of the Golden Hammer
  • The Big Dino Dig
  • Mega Machines
  • On Site: Roads and Bridges
  • On Site: Homes and Playgrounds
  • The Best of Bob the Builder: Volume 1
  • The Best of Bob the Builder: Volume 2
  • The Complete 1st Series
  • The Complete 2nd Series
  • The Complete 3rd Series
  • The Complete 4th Series
  • My First Bob with Scoop
  • My First Bob with Muck
  • My First Bob with Dizzy


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