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Bob The Kelpie is a song by Don Spencer which is featured in his Video "DON SPENCER FOR KIDS" which was released on VHS in 1991 and on DVD in 2011.



Sheep Are Beaut

Sheep Are Beaut

Sheeo are soft and curly

But when I take em' into town

I have to start off early

coz' they never go the way I want so I need someone to help me

I just give a whistle

and I call for Bob The Kelpie


Bob The Kelpie

He's My Dog

And Though He's Not Too Pretty

He's Worth More Than All Those Fancy Dogs Up In The City

He Works Hard In The Yard

To Show The Sheep Who's Boss

I guess they learnt by now it doesn't pay to make Bob cross





Bob The Kelpie

He's My Mate

He Never Let's Me Down

He Loves To Ride In The Back Of The Ute

When We Go Into Town

And We Never Have To Lock It Up With Bob Their For Protection

Coz' He'll Just Bark At Anything That Get's In His Direction


Yes I Just Give A Whistle

Come On Bob, Come On Boy

Good Boy

I Just Give A Whistle and I Call For Bob The Kelpie

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