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Bok the Hand Puppet is a Wiggles character from the third series of Ready Steady Wiggle, they are the first puppet character since The Wiggle Puppets.


Bok is a purple glove hand puppet of an unspecified animal (possibly either a bear or a monkey) with an orange bow-tie, googly eyes and "bok" on their body in big orange lettering. Bok does not speak and has no permanent performer; they have been shown being operated by any of The Wiggles. Although Bok is primarily a puppet, a full-body costume of Bok made its debut on the Fruit Salad TV Big Show tour in February 2022.


Bok's origins date back to the early 90s before The Wiggles started, when Anthony Field, Murray Cook, and Greg Page were studying early childhood education at Macquarie University. Their professor, Rosemary Harle, had a clown puppet named Bok (short for "Boccherini") that was used in music lessons.

Costume Actors

  • Callum Hendry-Hodsdon (2022-present)


  • Bok also has their own Play Time on The Wiggles' YouTube channel, with help from each Wiggle, so far Anthony and Simon.
  • Bok was originally a male, but was then confirmed non-binary with the announcement of Fruit Salad TV. Although they are still referred to as a he in Team Work, the Fruit Salad TV Big Show and Is There Anything Bok Can't Do?