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Bowled Out is the 96th episode of Thomas and Friends.


During the last few days of Stepney's visit to the North Western Railway, an engine shortage has occurred and the only engine available is a Class 40 diesel. The diesel soon arrives and immediately insults the engines, claiming them to be out of date compared to him.

The engines are furious, but cannot think of a plan for revenge. There is no need though, as the next day the wind blows an inspector's hat off and into the diesel's air-intake vent, causing him to break down just as he is about to take an express, much to his fury. As Duck and Stepney shunt the failed Class 40 into the shed, the inspector sees his hat jammed in the diesel's air-intake, but the Fat Controller is more concerned about the train being late. 

Stepney (who has awaited for a long run on his last day) volunteers with Duck to pull the train. Pulling together; the two engines set off down the Main Line, passing Edward's station and struggling over Gordon's hill, then in record time reach Crovan's Gate where Gordon waits to take over.

Stepney leaves the next day and while the engines bid him a fond farewell, the diesel creeps sulkily away leaving only two things to remember him by; a bad smell and a battered bowler hat.