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Airport and Other Stories is a UK/Australian/Dutch VHS/DVD featuring five third season episodes.


The latest superhero to burst onto the BBC.


Brum is here to save the day in 5 BRAND NEW live-action adventures. Get ready for thrills and spills all the way as our crime-busting Super-hero comes to the rescue.


  • Brum and the Airport Adventure - When sparkling jewels are stolen from the famous Celebrity at the Airport, Brum is soon on the case. Will the two baddies take off with the loot, or can Brum the Superhero stop their plane in time?
  • Brum and the Naughty Dog - When naughty Scruffy chases after a flying hotdog, Brum has to get him out of trouble.
  • Brum and the Pizzeria - Brum chases two crooks, dressed as crazy cooks. But will he stop them getting away with the Waiter's dough?
  • Brum and the Gymnast - A gymnast's hoop bounces through the Town, getting everyone in a spin. Can Brum return it before the competition starts?
  • Brum and the King of Thieves - Shadow, a Big Town baddie, steals the Big Town Crown. Can Brum spot his disguise or will he slip into the shadows?

Bag of Gags (DVD version only)

  • Brum and the Grapefruit Grab
  • Brum and the Knicker Rescue
  • Brum and the Camera Caper

Extra Features (DVD version only)

  • Top Secret Files
  • Bag of Gags
  • Brum Quiz

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