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Buzzy Bees is the nineteenth episode of the thirteenth series.


One morning, Thomas arrives at Brendam Docks. He is to take beehives to Farmer Trotter and Hiro is to deliver flowers to Farmer McColl. Hiro is very stern and tells Thomas to take the bees through the woods. But Thomas thinks that the woods are very boring and takes the route along a large meadow instead. The bees escape, however, and will not come back to the hives, as they are too busy with the flowers in the meadow. Thomas decides to borrow Hiro's flower truck that Hiro had left at Farmer McColl's to lure the bees back. However, the bees start to swarm around Thomas, much to his dismay. Hiro meets Thomas at a junction and tells Thomas that his truck of flowers had gone missing. Thomas tells Hiro the whole story and vows to put the trouble right. Thomas collects the hive truck and couples it up to the flower truck. Then he takes the loads and the bees, who are still buzzing around him, through the cold and dark forest. The bees return to their hives, as a result of this and Thomas delivers them to Farmer Trotter. He then returns the flowers to Farmer McColl, apologises to Hiro and promises to take his advice from now on in the future.