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Bye George! is the 111th episode of Thomas and Friends. It was one of two fifth season episodes exclusive to the ABC For Kids: Play Box compilation VHS.


George has been working with the little engines and is waiting for Percy to take him to a new workplace. George is insulting Skarloey and Rheneas when Percy arrives. When they leave, the two engines are pleased to see George go. George grumbles all the way to an old branch line, much to the annoyance of Percy. The branch line is to be turned into a new road. Percy is still fuming when he meets Thomas. Thomas and Percy agree to just ignore George's rude remarks.

George is enjoying himself when Thomas races by. George calls to him, but Thomas ignores him twice. Realizing he was being ignored, George becomes insulted. When they reach the crossing that intersects the unused railway with the active one, George deliberately tarmacs the rails, knowing it is not properly finished. Thomas soon runs through on the same line; the signalman has forgotten to warn his driver about the tarmacked crossing because he has fallen asleep. Thomas derails and crashes through a barn.

The next day, Percy explains to Gordon what had happened but Gordon takes no notice. Later on, George is working in a station yard when Duck arrives with some trucks, but George is blocking the way. A truck is still on the main line, but the signalman has already set the points for Gordon. Before Gordon and the express can be alerted, Gordon rushes through and hits the truck, sending it flying through the air, and smashing to pieces when it hits the ground, much to Duck's horror.

At the next station, Gordon is worried that the Fat Controller will be cross about what happened. He is cross, but not with Gordon; with George. As a punishment, the Fat Controller sends George to saw wood at the timber yard for a whole week so that he can learn himself some better manners. Thomas and Percy arrive to see him a few days later and Thomas jokes that George will just be rude as before once his punishment is over, though George's expression says that he might not.


  • Thomas
  • Gordon
  • Percy
  • Duck
  • George
  • Skarloey