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"Camera One" is a song from the Whoo Hoo! Wiggly Gremlins! video and album.

Song Lyrics

Okay, camera operators
Let's get ready to roll

Camera one, are you ready?
Ready with my camera
Camera two, are you?
Camera two is ready
Camera three has the Captain at the helm
Oh, I'm all ready Mr. Director. Okay

Camera one, zoom in
Okee dokee Director
Camera two, zoom out
Okee dokee Director
Camera three try and get the close-up
Oh camera three, oh that's me
oh of course Mr. Director

Now everyone goes in and out
Up and down, move about
Follow the action, try a wide shot
Now a mid shot, go in close
You've captured the action
Yes, you've captured the action
The Wiggly action

Camera one pull back
Oh, what a great shot
Camera two, do the same
Camera three, it's not the time to do
a pirate jig
Ho-ho I couldn't help myself I love dancing
That's alright

Camera one, well done
Gee this is fun
Camera two, you beaut
Beauty Director
Camera three you make TV seem so easy
Ho-ho, thank you Mr. Director


Okay camera operators
That's a wrap
Time to shake hands and pat yourselves
on the back for a job well done.

Captain, you did a great job out there today.
Well done

Whoa ho ho. Oh, thank you very much, Greg
ho ho ho ho ho
Hey, I think I might do some more filming

Why not. You're a genius behind the
camera Captain

Look at that bird over there, and that cat
and the trees, oh and look at the posts on
the harbor. I'll film them too,
I'll film everything wow

Yes, go right ahead Captain,
the camera's yours

Song Credits

Murray Cook, Jeff Fatt, Anthony Field, Greg Page, John Field, Dominic Lindsay (Wiggly Tunes)


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