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Creaky Cranky is the first episode of the thirteenth series.


It is the day of the spring party at the Duke and Duchess of Boxford's Summer House. Thomas shows up at Brendam Docks to collect eggs for the children to paint at the party. Once Cranky unloads the box of eggs, Thomas teases Cranky by calling him "Creaky Cranky" and Cranky teases Thomas back by calling him "Tiny Thomas."

Thomas decides to prove to Cranky that he can pull heavy loads by collecting James' timber and Henry's straw bales and taking them back to the Docks. In return, Cranky lifts the respective loads one at a time proving to Thomas that he is not creaky. However, when Thomas tells Cranky to lift him, Cranky only succeeds in breaking his cable and damaging his gear system.

The Fat Controller arrives and reprimands both of them about how they are causing confusion and delay and even being very silly. Once Thomas is back on the rails, he asks Spencer to take the heavy loads to the party whilst he helps Cranky by collecting new parts from the Sodor Steamworks.

When Thomas returns with the new parts, he knows now that Cranky is not creaky and in return, Cranky knows that Thomas is not tiny at all.