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When the Teletubbies go inside the Home Hill, Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Po goes down the slide, and they go outside in Teletubbyland, then the Magic Windmill started to spin so the Teletubbies say "Uh-oh!" and they run off to watch a girl discussing about her dad's lorry. In Teletubbyland, Dipsy was going for a long walk to see the other Teletubbies. First, Dipsy starts his walk near the Magic Windmill, then goes inside the Home Hill, and Dipsy and Po goes outside the Teletubbyland. Po found her scooter. Dipsy takes another walk. He meets Tinky Winky holding his bag. Dipsy then say hello to Tinky Winky, and he says "Eh-oh!" back to Dipsy. Also, Dipsy then goes for another walk. He climbs up the hill and down the hill, and Laa-Laa's ball bounced up and down behind the hill. Dipsy then says "Eh-oh!" to Laa-Laa. Laa-Laa says "Eh-oh!" back to Dipsy. Po rides the scooter is following Dipsy on a walk. Then Po laid down the hill. You could see a hill with flowers on it, and some trees on the left and on a right. You could see the Magic Windmill behind the hill, and also a rabbit. Dipsy climbs on the hill to see the far away place. He looked at the Home Hill. Dipsy keeps walking. Dipsy and Po takes another walk. Also, Po found her scooter. Dipsy keeps walking while Po rides her scooter. Dipsy climbs up the hill and down the hill to see Laa-Laa again. There's a orange ball again bouncing up and down behind the hilly hill. Dipsy says "Eh-oh!" to Laa-Laa again. Laa-Laa says "Eh-oh!" to Dipsy. Then, Dipsy walks by Tinky Winky and says "Eh-oh!" to Tinky Winky. He says "Eh-oh!" to Dipsy. Then, Dipsy says "Eh-oh!" to the rabbits. He could also see the Home Hill, so as the other Teletubbies. Dipsy has a wonderful time on a walk. He goes inside the Home Hill.


  • Po was the missing Teletubby.
  • Tinky Winky was the boo shouter.