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Daisy is the 45th episode of Thomas and Friends.


Percy and Toby arrive at the station feeling worried. Thomas has been sent away to be repaired after his recent accident and the Fat Controller waits for them in order to introduce Daisy, the diesel railcar who will help run the branch line while Thomas is away. Percy asks if she will leave after Thomas returns and the Fat Controller responds that it depends on her performance. Regardless, he expects Percy and Toby to welcome her and help her settle in. The two engines happily agree, so they start by taking Daisy to the engine shed for a rest.

Arriving at the engine shed, Daisy snobbishly tells Percy and Toby that she thinks the shed is "dreadfully smelly" and states that anything smelly is "bad for her swerves." This makes Percy and Toby angry, but the two carry on and take her to the carriage shed. Daisy prefers it there, but asks what the rubbish is next to her. The "rubbish" she was referring to is Annie, Clarabel and Henrietta, whom are greatly insulted by this. Percy and Toby are forced to take them out of the shed and stay up half the night trying to soothe their hurt feelings.

This ends up making Percy and Toby exhausted the next morning, while Daisy wakes up feeling full of energy as she goes to the station to take her first passengers. Arriving, she starts to show off and attempts to woo the passengers. However, her attitude changes when Toby couples a milk tanker to her. Daisy refuses to take it, despite her driver's arguments and eventually starts to shudder until she blows a fuse. Everyone at the station argues with her but to no avail. Daisy then claims that her fitter ordered her never to take any trucks because she is highly sprung and pulling is bad for her swerves.

No one at the station believes her story and start to wonder why the Fat Controller brought such a feeble and lazy engine to the Island. By now, the train is late however, so the crew is left with no choice but to leave the milk tanker behind, allowing Daisy to enjoy her journey without doing any work.

As she runs, Daisy chuckles at how well her story worked and decides that she will do only the work she wants from now on, and no more.


  • Daisy
  • Percy
  • Toby
  • Thomas (mentioned)


  • The first appearance is Daisy in the TV series.