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"Dance with the Teletubbies" is the second Teletubbies video. It was released on May 11, 1998


  • The Stamping and Stepping Dance
  • The Teletubbies Walk Down and Up a hill (My Mum's Keyboard)
  • Larette Tap Dancing
  • The Walking Dance
  • Taking Turns Wearing the Skirt (Numbers: One)
  • The Running Away Dance
  • Walking in and out of the trees (Feeding The Chickens)
  • The Tap Dancing Bear (Twice)
  • The Follow The Leader Dance
  • The Round and Round Dance
  • The Cloud (Playing in the Rain)
  • The Splashing Dance
  • Trit Trot (Emily and the Trap)
  • The Falling Down Dance
  • The Teletubbies say "Eh-Oh!" (Photo Faces)
  • The Tip Toe Dance
  • Jumping for Fun (Jumping)
  • Party Dance
  • The Jumping Dance

Featuring: Georgina & Harriet Acott-Smith, India & Tom Beaufort-Lloyd, Alex Kemp, George Kirkpatrick, Carly & Anna Mitchell, Harriet Moran, Holly & Charlie Morris, Gabriel Prince, Charlie & Oliver Travers, Larette Tritton, and Guy & Amber Wyles