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Dancing is the 3rd Episode of The Wiggles TV Series 2


Each of the Wiggles asks if the other is ready. Jeff’s fallen asleep, so they wake him up. Now everyone’s ready to dance. They start dancing, except for Anthony, who has forgotten how to Wiggle!! The other Wiggles suggest Anthony asks each wiggle if their ready

Anthony not think about it, but it doesn’t help. Perhaps a song will remind him? Song 1: “Dorothy The Dinosaur” with intro (from Wiggle Time!)

Wags and the Wagettes get together and do some exercises to music.

Dorothy makes soup for The Wiggles. The soup is supposed to help Anthony Wiggle, but after a couple of sips, Dorothy cooks soup for Anthony so he can get his Wiggle back

nothing happens. How about another song?

Song 2: “We're Dancing with Wags the Dog” (from Toot Toot)

Caveman skit: The Wiggle cavemen bring an egg to a big soup pot. Then they get distracted and start playing rhythms with the pot. The egg hatches and it’s a baby dinosaur Dorothy!

Captain Feathersword tries to take a selfie using a timer. The first time, the timer goes off immediately. The second time, the Captain waits and waits, inching closer and closer to the camera. Eventually the timer goes off when he reaches for the camera, so he now has a great picture…of his teeth!

Jeff is on one side of the street and Officer Beaples stops him. Jeff joins Officer Beaples in a dance.

At the Wigglehouse, Anthony tries again to dance. The Wiggles suggest listening to another song.

Song 3: “Get Ready to Wiggle” (from Wiggle Time!)

Captain Feathersword is teaching Wags and the Wagettes how to do the “Yo Ho Ho” pirate dance. He calls out his pirate crew by name: Rudolph, Charlie, and James. They perform the dance. Then the Wiggles arrive. The Wiggles visit Captain so he can help

Anthony still can’t dance and everyone’s out of ideas. Anthony says if he can’t wiggle, he will say goodbye and leave wiggle town. Then Wags tickles Anthony from behind with the captain’s feathersword. Anthony starts laughing and is able to Wiggle again!

Song 4: “The Monkey Dance” (from The Wiggly Big Show)