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"Dancing Ride" is a song from Here Comes a Song. This song has many different actions.


Song Lyrics

I want everybody, to dance with me
Put your leaves up, and shake like a tree
Let the wind move you from side to side
Now you're on the Dancing Ride

C'mon everybody, here's a new dance
Move like there's a whole nest of ants in your pants
You shake your legs, from east to west
I think I like this dance the best

C'mon everybody, let's do the Rocket Ship
Point your arms up and wiggle your hips
You turn on the spot, around and around
C'mon everyone and touch the ground

Song Credits

Written by Anthony Field and Greg Page, published by EMI Music.

Beginning with the Wiggle Time! album in 2000, Murray Cook and Jeff Fatt have received writing credits. Since the Let's Wiggle album in 1999, publishing rights have been controlled by Wiggly Tunes Pty Ltd, although EMI was still sometimes credited afterward.


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