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Ding-A-Ling is the 287th episode of Thomas and Friends.


James has delivered a new bike for Mr. Percival, but it does not have a bell. Freddie does not know where to find one, but so as not to look silly, he pretends he knows where to find one, and sets off.

He sees a cow's bell and has it put on the bike, but Mighty Mac note that the cows do not look at it. Freddie quickly sets off for the station and borrows Kuffy the Clown's necklace of bells. Peter Sam remarks that the children are not taking any notice, and Freddie runs off. He decides to return to the wharf, but when he sees James, Peter Sam and Mighty Mac, he backs off. He sees a bell destined for the school and has it put on too, but it falls over and it creates such a noise that the others come to investigate what it is about.

Freddie sheepishly leaves, when he sees Thomas with an old foghorn. He has an idea and once it is cleaned and polished, the bell from Mr. Percival's old bike is attached to the new bike.


  • James
  • Freddie