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Don Spencer's Thumbs Up Australia is a Don Spencer video that was released in September 20, 1993


VHS Only

If it hops, flies, runs or jumps somewhere in Australia, Don Spencer knows about it and has probably sung about it. Now you can meet all Don's animal friends and look at his other great discoveries about Australia in this new video. Featuring songs such as: Thumbs Up!; It’s a Marsupial; Please Don’t Call Me A Koala Bear; Aussie Mossie; Kangaroo - The Super Marsupial; Lizards of Oz; Great Australian Bite; Dig, Dig, Dig Like A Wombat; It’s A Marsupial; Red Dirt Roadway; Sh Sh Sugar Glider and all-time favourites, Pat the Cat, Bob the Kelpie, Fairy Penguin Strut and Walkabout.

DVD Only

Don Spencer gives a big Thumbs Up! to this great land Australia and goes on a fascinating journey into the wonderful world of our native animals. Don also has an adventure into the outback along the Red Dirt Roadway. Many of Don’s classic songs for children feature on this DVD with music clips that are both animated and live action.


  1. Thumbs Up!
  2. Walkabout
  3. Please Don't Call Me A Koala Bear
  4. It's a Marsupial
  5. Pat the Cat (and Bob the Dog)
  6. Dig, Dig, Dig (Like a Wombat)
  7. Aussie Mossie
  8. Fairy Penguin Strut
  9. Red Dirt Roadway
  10. Kangaroo (The Super Marsupial)
  11. Lizards of Oz
  12. Bob the Kelpie
  13. The Great Australian Bite
  14. We've Got


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  • Although the tape label says ’DON SPENCER’S THUMBS UP! AUSTRALIA‘, the rating screen says ‘DON SPENCER THUMBS UP! AUSTRALIA‘
  • This video does not close with the 1993-1995 Roadshow Entertainment logo
  • This is the first Don Spencer DVD to use the new 2009 ABC For Kids logo.
  • This is the first Don Spencer DVD to use the new 2010 ABC Music logo.