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doDorothy the Dinosaur's Memory Book is a Dorothy the Dinosaur video released in 2008. It is a clip show of her second TV series, as she and Wags the Dog look through a scrapbook of memories doing various tasks and meeting several guest stars.

Song List

  1. I'm Dorothy the Dinosaur!
  2. C'est Wags, C'est Bon
  3. Dance A Cachucha
  4. Balla Balla Bambina
  5. Say Aah at the Doctors
  6. Lettuce Sing (Fresh Fruit And Vegies)
  7. Drinking Rosy Tea With Dorothy
  8. Ngalmam Djangu Godku Yumarrku (We Are All In God's Family)
  9. Bucket Of Dew (with Fairy Larissa and Fairy Clare in Dublin, Ireland in their beautiful Irish Dancing Fairy Dresses and Shoes that is sparkly and beautiful)
  10. Come On Let's Jump
  11. Vegetable Soup
  12. My Name is Dorothy (Come Dance With Me)
  13. I Look In The Mirror
  14. I'm The Postman
  15. Teddy Bear Lullaby
  16. The Dancing Flowers
  17. Seashell Barcarolle
  18. Ballerina, Ballerina
  19. I Love It When It Rains
  20. Let's Have A Party (Dorothy's Party)


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