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"Dorothy the Dinosaur" is a song about how The Wiggles first met Dorothy. The song was adapted from The Cockroaches song Another Saturday Night.



I was looking out my window
late the other night
She was sitting in the garden
and gave me such a fright
Eating all mum's roses
there in the moonlight
It was Dorothy the Dinosaur
I knew that if Mum saw her
She'd never let her stay
A dinosaur as big as that
needs feeding night and day
I'd have to find a place
Where I could hide her away
Dorothy the Dinosaur

Dorothy the Dinosaur (chomp)

I knew that she was so big
that she'd soon be found
My mother called the dog catcher
he came around
When he laid his eyes on her,
he fell to the ground
'Now I take it, that's Dorothy the Dinosaur'


They called up the police
to take her right away
They called up the zoo
to find a place to stay
I said they couldn't take her
I said 'No way,
that's Dorothy the Dinosaur'
("That's me")


Song Credits

Phillip Wilcher Vocals
Murray Cook Bass guitar and vocals
Gregory Page Lead vocals
Jeff Fatt Emax, sequencing
Anthony Field Vocals
Produced by Anthony Field
Engineered by Steve Pomfrett
Recorded in February 1991 at Tracking Station Recording Studios, Sydney.

Note: This contains credits from the US and AUS versions of the Wiggle Time! album.

Vocals: Greg Page
Backing Vocals: Greg Truman
Guitars: Murray Cook
Drums/Percussion: Tony Henry
Trumpet: Dominic Lindsay
Recorded and mixed in Sydney Australia by Chris Brooks
Produced by The Wiggles
Mastered by Don Bartley, Studios 301 Sydney Australia

Music Arrangements by The Wiggles and Dominic Lindsay
Transcriptions by Tony Celiberti (Scarlet Music)
CD Backing track by Sean Peter (Autopilot Productions)



  • Jeff Fatt wasn't credited in the 1998 version for playing the keyboards, Although he can be seen playing it in the music video.
  • Carolyn Ferrie wasn't credited in the 1998 version for providing vocals.



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