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Edward's Exploit is the 23rd episode of Season 2 of Thomas and Friends and the 49th episode overall.


Bertie has been taking several visitors to the Island of Sodor on a tour. On their last afternoon, Edward prepares them to visit Bill and Ben at the China Clay Works, but has trouble starting due to the packed coaches. Henry and James remark on how much Edward is struggling, while Gordon grumbles that it is time for Edward to retire. Duck and BoCo take exception to this and defend him, knowing that Edward is capable of far more than he seems. Finally, Edward manages to start and leaves the station.

When Edward arrives at the junction, the passengers meet Bill and Ben, who enjoy the attention and having their photos taken. The passengers then board the twins' brake vans and travel to the China Clay Works. The visitors have a wonderful day, being very impressed with the clay works as well as Bill and Ben. Afterwards, the passengers return to the junction and board Edward's coaches to head home.

On the way back, the weather turns bad and begins to rain hard. As Edward fights the elements, his sanding gear fails, which forces his fireman to ride out front to manually sand the rails. Then there is worse to come, and as Edward's wheels slip fiercely, something breaks with a nasty sharp cracking noise and causes him to stop. Edward's crew examine him and find that a crank pin broke, forcing them to remove his siderods. Edward's driver reminds him that they must get the visitors back to the station as soon as possible since they must leave tonight. Edward promises to try.

Edward tries to start, but finds that the modifications, as well as the heavy coaches and slippery rails prevent him from moving. The passengers become anxious, so Edward's crew make adjustments to the coaches, loosening the couplings so that Edward will be able to pick them up one by one as he does with trucks. Edward cautiously makes another attempt to start, and this time it works. Edward is forced to go slowly, but keeps steady and finally makes it back to the station, where Henry is waiting for him.

The Fat Controller angrily points to the clock, but the passengers are very grateful they made it and thank Edward and his crew for all their hard work. Afterwards, Edward wearily returns to the shed. Duck and BoCo make sure Edward is left in peace as Gordon and James remain silent out of respect.


  • Edward
  • Henry
  • Gordon
  • James