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Emily's New Route is the 199th episode of Thomas and Friends


One summer's morning, Sir Topham Hatt comes to see Emily, stating that he is opening new routes for the summer. He tasks Emily the job of transporting flour during the summer, which makes her very happy.

Later that day, Emily meets James at the water tower and tells him of her new job. James says Emily is lucky, as he has been given the job of carrying passengers along the Black Loch branch. He responds that there are frequent landslides and a monster rumoured to be living in the loch, known as the "Black Loch Monster". He nervously adds that nobody knows what the monster is, only that black figures move in the water and disappear. James sets off for work, leaving Emily nervous about the route, but pleased she does not have to run it.


  • Thomas
  • James
  • Emily
  • The Fat Controller