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"Emma's Bowtiful Day!" is the second Ready, Steady, Wiggle! compilation DVD. It was released on November 5, 2014.


Yellow! I mean, hello! Ready, Steady, Wiggle! is the first TV series featuring Anthony, Emma, Lachy and Simon and here is a selection of twelve "bow-tiful" episodes picked by Emma herself as some of her favourites from the series. With segments including 'Anthony's Alphabet', 'Wiggle House' and 'Professor Simon' over fifty Wiggles songs and special features of some of Emma's dancing lessons, you'll be wiggling with delight!


  1. Miss Polly Had a Dolly
  2. The Wiggly Singing Symphony
  3. Spring Has Come
  4. Simon Goes Quackers!
  5. Excuse Meow!
  6. Beautiful Ballet
  7. A Hair Disaster!
  8. Emma's Missing Bow
  9. We Like Fruit
  10. Is That Lachy?
  11. Percussion Party
  12. The Glass Is Half Full!


Note: Some songs are repeated, both live and studio versions

  1. Ready, Steady, Wiggle!
  2. Simon Says
  3. Toot Toot, Chugga Chugga, Big Red Car
  4. We're Dancing With Wags The Dog
  5. Miss Polly Had A Dolly
  6. Everybody's Here
  7. Emma (with the Bow in Her Hair)
  8. Say the Dance, Do the Dance
  9. Do the Propeller!
  10. Haru Ga Kita
  11. There Are So Many Animals
  12. Dr Knickerbocker
  13. Getting Strong!
  14. Mumbles the Monster
  15. Can You (Point Your Fingers And Do The Twist?)
  16. Rock-A-Bye Your Bear
  17. Simon's Cold Water Blues
  18. Scary Ghost!
  19. Here Come Our Friends
  20. Poesje Mauw
  21. Dancing on the High Seas
  22. O Epoe Tooki Tooki
  23. Hot Potato
  24. I've Got My Glasses On!
  25. Brush Your Pet's Hair
  26. Beep! Beep! Buckle Up!
  27. Quack Quack
  28. In The Big Red Car We Like To Ride
  29. Joannie Works With One Hammer
  30. The Shimmie Shake!
  31. Fruit Salad
  32. Uncle Noah Is Calling You
  33. Wake Up, Lachy!
  34. I Stamp
  35. The Full Moon Melody
  36. Five Little Ducks
  37. Dance to Your Daddy
  38. Henry's Dance

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