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Ferry Boat Fred is a short lived ABC For Kids Show that first aired in 1992


  • Fred - A yellow ferry, the main character.
  • Kate - A purple ferry, who is Fred's big sister.
  • Bill - A blue ferry.
  • Lou - A red ferry.
  • Jean - A blue submarine.
  • Spike - An Echidna mechanic.
  • Pelican Pete - Fred's constant companion and Deckhand.
  • Koala - Fred's Captain who is always falling asleep.
  • Emily - An Emu who loves to shop around the harbour.
  • Belinda Brushtail - A possum who works as a lighthouse keeper and always sleeps in the daytime.


Screenshot Original title Directed by Original
release date
Episode number #
FerryBoatFred.png "Fred Meets Pete" Mark Osborn 30 March 1992 #01
Fred has trouble docking at port in a current until a pelican named Pete helps out. After that he becomes his permanent deckie.
Fred'sBirthdayParty4.png "Fred's Birthday Party" Mark Osborn 31 March 1992 #02
It's Fred's birthday and his big sister Kate wants to plan a surprise party for him. She sends Pete off to make a cake while she goes off to Spike's workshop for the party supplies to decorate the wharf for the party that night. When Fred arrives at the party that night, he is very surprised, thinking they had forgotten his birthday. When Pete arrives with the cake, everyone has a piece and realise the cake has fish in it.
Fred'sSisterKate1.png "Fred's Sister Kate" Mark Osborn TBA #03
Fred is having a day off to fly the kite he got for his birthday. His captain and Pete are to control Fred's big sister Kate for the day. Fred was having so much fun flying his kite, he doesn't see the big cargo ship that's about to collide with him. Kate was taking some children to the zoo and as she sees the cargo ship going towards her brother, she rushes as fast as she could and just in time, pushes her brother out of the way. After all this, Kate warns her brother to be extra careful in the harbour and that being out in the harbour is like crossing the road.
CaptainKoala.png "Fred Goes to the Doctor" Mark Osborn TBA #04
One morning, Fred's Captain arrives at Wallaby Wharf to see that Fred is covered in red spots! Worrying that Fred may be ill, the two go to see the harbour boat doctor. They arrive at the dock that the doctor works at, with many other boats who are not feeling well. When it is Fred's turn to see the doctor, he is relieved that she is friendly and her name is Doris. However, she is unable to find anything wrong with Fred besides his spots. Fred and his captain go back to Wallaby Wharf, trying to figure out what could be wrong. While there, a drop of red paint lands on the captain's nose. He and Fred look up to see that Pete has been busy painting the roof of Wallaby Wharf with red paint. They realize that the spots on Fred are actually paint drops that Pete spilled. Pete cleans the paint off of Fred, and they all go back to work as usual.
TheFerryRace.png "The Ferry Race" Mark Osborn TBA #05
It's the day of the Ferry Race, and Fred was excited for it. Once it was time for the race to start, Lou, the biggest ferry, was in the lead. Lou decided to stop at the zoo for a little rest, but she went to sleep shortly after. Bill was in the lead, but he crashed into a sand bank, leaving Kate and her brother Fred as the only ferries left. Kate had engine problems, causing her to stop and Fred, for the first time ever, to be in the lead. Just as Ferry Boat Fred was near the finish line, he ran out of gas, causing the ferries to catch up. Pete had an idea, he grabbed one of Fred's ropes in his beak, and carried Fred along the finish line, causing the yellow boat to win. Fred won the Ferry Race cup and that night, there were fireworks.
File:PeteTheMagician.png "Pete The Magician" Mark Osborn TBA #06
Pete was reading a book about magic tricks while Fred was away. When Kate came back, she saw Pete in funny clothes. Pete explained why he was dressed that way, and Pete showed her some magic tricks. Unfortunately for Pete, he tried to make a bunny rabbit in a top hat, but ended up with flowers instead. He tried to make a seagull vanish, but it flew away itself, Pete tried to magically tie Kate up, but ended up tying himself up. When Fred got back, he was surprised to see what happened to his deckie. Kate suggests that from then on, Pete should start with card tricks.
File:Belinda'sBlownBulb.png "Belinda's Blown Bulb" Mark Osborn TBA #07
When heading home to Wallaby Wharf, Fred hears someone calling for help, to find out it's Belinda Brushtail the lighthouse keeper. She informs Fred that the lighthouse light has gone out and the dangers of a new one not being found (Such as the harbour ships crashing into each other at night). Fred and Pete offer to help and head to Spike's workshop only to find that Spike has left for the week. Without Spike being there, Pete searches through Spike's tools and finds the spare lightbulb. They arrive back at the lighthouse just as it starts to get dark and the new lightbulb is fitted. Fred and Pete then head back home for bed.
File:Kate'sLostBell.png "Kate's Lost Bell" Mark Osborn TBA #08
Kate wakes up Fred one morning noticing that her bell goes missing. Fred suggests Pete should look for it in the harbour with his fishing rod. Pete finds nothing but rubbish and a few fish. Then Fred spots the bell on Kate's deck. Cheerfully, Kate chugs out of the dock, leaving Fred and Pete with a pile of trash. Fred suggests the trash goes to Spike's workshop once his captain arrives to wake him and Pete up. Spike finds use for all the trash. He puts the tyre on the wharf, the dustbin lid on his bin, some flowers in the boot and cleans the bicycle so nicely, it looks just like a new one and gives it to Fred's Captain. Pete eventually finds out what 'recycling' means, and is very impressed on what recycling can do.
MajorMitchell.png "Major Mitchell's Washing" Mark Osborn TBA #09
Kate was passing the residence of Major Mitchell and Mrs Mitchell when she hears the Major arguing about hanging up the washing, finding it difficult to do so. Kate suggests that he hangs the washing between her masts, agreeing to the idea, the Major does so, Kate then suggests to go to the middle of the harbour to let the washing dry faster, they head to the harbour, enjoying themselves. Fred and Pete arrive confusing Kate spinning around with the washing for a danger warning, she then explains about the Major's washing. When the washing was dried, they headed back to the Major's home, with Spike helping to fix the washing line. Before heading home the Major washes all the boats and ferries flags for them.
FredattheFairground1.png "Fred at the Fairground" Mark Osborn TBA #10
Fred was feeling lonely one night until he found some children who had missed their last ferry. He took them to the fairground where there were many colourful lights. Fred still felt lonely even when watching the fairground. Fortunately for Fred, the owner, a penguin, has a problem. The swing boat named Eric had a cold, so Fred had to fill in for him by getting onto the swing by a crane. Fred's captain and Pete, who were looking for Fred, went on the fairground too. When it was closing time, the crane put Fred back into the harbour, and Fred, his captain, and Pete went back to Wallaby Wharf.
JeanCaptain.png "Jean the Submarine" Mark Osborn TBA #11
Most of the different boats float on top of the water, but only one boat can go underwater, and that is a blue submarine named Jean. Jean does everything she could do to help everyone in the harbour, but sometimes, she likes to play tricks on people. One day, when Kate was painting a picture of one of her seagull friends, Jean surprised her with “Boo!”, causing her to ruin her painting. Then, she surprised Major Mitchell, causing him to drop his shopping in the harbour. Jean had gone too far. Everybody was fed up, so the ferries formed a plan to beat Jean at her own game. Ferry Boat Fred tells Pete to tie a balloon to Jean’s flagpole and when she was about to surprise a fishing boat, the ferries hid behind Jean and when she came up to the surface, they called out “Boo!”, giving the submarine a nasty fright and she promises never to surprise them again, but the ferries left the balloon where it was.
PeteandPercy.png "Pete's Nephew Percy" Mark Osborn TBA #12
One morning when Fred's captain comes to wake him up, he is surprised to see another pelican on board Fred's deck. This pelican looks like Pete, but smaller. Pete says that the small pelican is named Percy and that he is his nephew. Fred takes them around the harbour. Whe Fred's captain falls asleep, Percy wondered why he sleeps all the time on the wheel. Pete explains that koalas sleep during the day as some animals sleep during the day such as Belinda Brushtail. Fred takes them to a quiet spot for some fishing. Percy has caught lots and lots of fish and Pete caught nothing but a tin can. Pete explains to his nephew that he let him catch those fish.
File:Fred'sBadDream.png "Fred's Bad Dream" Mark Osborn TBA #13
One day, Fred is to have his engine checked, so after Pete untied the ropes, they went to Spike the Echidna's workshop to have Fred's engine checked. When they arrived, Spiked checked Fred's engine over. Fred just watched Spike using all his tools to mend his engine. After a while, Spike said Fred's engine was fine. After Fred started it up, he didn't go forwards, he went backwards. Fred couldn't stop. He was just about to crash into a big ship when his captain woke him up. It turns out that Fred was just having a bad dream and that he doesn't need his engine checked until next week.
FredJoinstheBand10.png "Fred Joins a Band" Mark Osborn TBA #14
Fred has always wanted to play in the band that plays outside the Opera House, but he hasn't decided what instrument he wanted to play. So one day, he goes to Spike's Workshop. Pete flies down to ask Spike for an instrument and Spike brings out a xylophone for Fred to play. So later, Fred plays in the band and all the other boats find the music wonderful.
Fred7.png "Fred and the Seagulls" Mark Osborn TBA #15
Fred loved seeing all sorts of birds around the harbour. There were birds with big long beaks, birds with short beaks, colourful birds called parrots, there were flightless birds like Emily the Emu, and even pelicans like Pete. There were birds that puzzled Fred known as seagulls, he didn't understand why they always looked grumpy and bad tempered. Pete believes they're not pelicans, but Fred decides to ask one. He does though, and the seagull explains they have nothing to do around the harbour, and it's full of rubbish. Pete suggests to the seagulls to clear up all the rubbish to give them something to do and stop them from being so grumpy. So the seagull goes to tell the other seagulls about Pete's suggestion. Fred wonders why people leave rubbish lying around instead of throwing it in the bins. Later, Fred and Pete saw seagulls clearing up all the litter with their beaks, and Pete flew off to help them. Pete can carry lots of rubbish as pelicans have very large bills. At last, the harbour was all clean and all the seagulls were smiling, Pete's idea had worked.
FredandtheFloatingZoo.png "Fred the Floating Zoo" Mark Osborn TBA #16
Fred loves taking passengers from one wharf to another. One day,he finds some zoo animals on their day off and they want a ride on him. Despite Fred's objections, they get onboard anyway. It's all smooth sailing, until the monkey snaps Fred's mast. The giraffe obliges to fix it and it's all smooth sailing again until the polar bear sits in front of Fred, causing him to crash into a rock, creating a big hole in his hull. The elephants suck out the water and squirt it back into the harbour. Fred decides to go to Spike's workshop and even though it was closed for the day, the animals fix Fred's hull and mast and in no time at all, Fred is looking like a new ferry. Fred takes the animals back to the zoo and as he leaves, he hopes they get a different ferry to take them on their next day off.
File:KatethePainter.png "Kate the Painter" Mark Osborn TBA #17
Kate is busy painting people and things in the harbour. Everyone seems to like her paintings, until Pete sees them. He criticises Kate's unusual colour choices. Kate then challenges him to a contest, painting Fred, to see who can paint better. Kate's painting is finished with detail and accuracy, abeit with unusual colours. Pete's painting has the correct colours, but aside from that, does not resemble Fred at all. The captain decides that Kate's painting is the best, and she and Pete put aside their differences. Kate notices that Pete looks like Fred with all the yellow paint all over him.
File:Kate'sFancyDressParty.png "Kate's Fancy Dress Party" Mark Osborn TBA #18
Fred's big sister Kate loves throwing parties, and one night se decides to throw a fancy dress party. Fred doesn't know what costume to wear, so he goes to Spike's workshop to get a costume. When he gets there, Spike dresses him as a Mexican. Pete tried all sorts of costumes for the party; a tree, Cleopatra, a diver, and finally, his magician's outfit. When they went to the party, everyone was dressed up in all sorts of costumes. Fred's captain was a clown, Major Mitchell was an Indian chief, Kate was dressed as a cowgirl, Emily the Emu was dressed in a very unusual costume. The winner of the party was Pete's nephew Percy for being dressed as a rubbish bin, even though it was a real rubbish bin with eyes., when actually, Percy was dressed as a pirate.
File:Fred'sFishingTrip.png "Fred's Fishing Trip" Mark Osborn TBA #19
It was Fred and Pete's day off, and Pete decides to spend the day fishing. Fred doesn't know how to fish, so Pete decides to teach him. They went just outside the harbour to fish. Pete got out the fishing rods and told Fred that fishing is easy; all he has to do is throw the line in the water and wait for the fish to bite, and when the fish bite, pull them in. Pete explains there are all types of fish out there, like flying fish, black fish, and strange types of fish. Then, Fred felt a big tug on the fishing rod, and whatever tugged onto Fred's rod dragged him into the harbour. Fred wasn't sure if it was a fish. As it came to the surface, it wasn't a fish at all. It was Jean the Submarine. Fred was so surprised, he let go of the rod. Fred decides to leave the fishing to Pete from then on.
File:NightTimeNoises.png "Night Time Noises" Mark Osborn TBA #20
One night, Fred woke his big sister Kate up because he heard some strange noises. But was relieved to find out it was just Fred's captain. But just then, they hear another noise. Fred and Kate head out to find out what the noise is. They stop by at Belinda's lighthouse and she tells them it's coming from the harbour stores. When Fred and Kate arrive at the harbour store, they find it was just Spike practicing his trumpet out of tune. The other ferries find it too. Fred thinks that Spike should stick to playing the guitar and Kate should do that at daytime.
File:PetetheWaterSkier.png "Pete the Water Skier" Mark Osborn 27 April 1992 #21
On his day off, Pete decides to go water skiing with Fred. Pete does very well in the beginning, but when he gets too boastful of his skill, he spreads his wings, causing him to fly in the air and colliding with a hot air balloon. The damaged hot air balloon loses air, and falls onto Fred's deck, much to the adversion of the kangaroo in the balloon's basket. Fred takes the damaged balloon to Spike's workshop, where Spike patches the hole in the balloon, and refills it with air. The balloon sails away, and Fred reminds Pete that he must be careful when he tries new things.
File:KateattheFairground.png "Kate at the Fairground" Mark Osborn 28 April 1992 #22
Kate is taking the zoo animals on a trip to The Fairground. Once they arrive at the fair, Kate impatiently watches the animals on the rides, as she is to arrive at a party with the other ferries later on. When she finally tells the animals that it is time to go, they refuse, as they are having so much fun. Kate decided to go without them until Lou arrives to tell her that the party will be tomorrow. Kate, delighted, takes the animals back to the zoo when they realise it's tea time. Kate arrives back at Wallaby Wharf and Ferry Boat Fred and Pete explain that those animals are a handful.
File:FredandtheWhales.png "Fred and the Whales" Mark Osborn 29 April 1992 #23
Early one morning, Ferry Boat Fred and Pete were woken up by some lost whales. Pete, knowing all about whales, helps Fred to guide the whales back to sea.
File:Emily'sLostShopping.png "Emily's Lost Shopping" Mark Osborn 30 April 1992 #24
One day, Fred's big sister Kate was busy. When she had stopped at one of the wharves, Emily the Emu was worried. Emily had lost her shopping and could think where it had gone. The shopping had all sorts of different things, such as bread for sandwiches, biscuits and washing powder. Kate takes her to Wallaby Wharf to see if it was there, but it wasn't. Kate tells her little brother Fred all about Emily's lost shopping, so he and Pete went to search for the shopping as well. Kate took Emily everywhere around the harbour to ask if anyone's seen a bag of shopping, but nobody had. When Kate took Emily back to Wallaby Wharf, Fred and Pete returned too, carrying a bag of shopping. Emily was pleased, as it was her shopping. Fred and Pete explained that Mrs. Mitchell found it. Emily had left it behind, and Pete explained to Emily that Mrs. Mitchell has invited her to tea. So Kate took Emily to Major and Mrs. Mitchell's house. Emily had the best tea she had in a long time.
File:FredSaysGoodbye.png "Fred Says Goodbye" Mark Osborn 1 May 1992 #25
Fred, Pete and The Captain are leaving Wallaby Wharf to go to Fred's captain's uncle's house on an island in the middle of the ocean, due to terrible trouble. Spike prepared spare parts for the engine, fuel in case Fred runs low, and biscuits in case they got hungry. Fred was scared about leaving the harbour, and he went to pick up Pete who had prepared himself for the trip. Their friends surprise them with a going-away party. Doris prepared them a first aid kit in case they got hurt. Major and Mrs. Mitchell had washed Fred's captain's vests and Fred's flags, and Emily gave them some shopping. The zoo animals put on some fireworks to cheer Fred up. The whales had arrived to help Fred to the island, as he had helped them once. A whale had decided to go now to catch a ride on the tide. They all headed out to sea.

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