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"Five-Fingered Family" is the series premiere of The Wiggles' World.


It's raining outside! What could The Wiggles do today? They decide to dress up as clowns and perform. Get your hands ready - we're off to the wiggly arena to have some fun with Five Fingered Family. Curly Bird from Curly Town has given Lachy a letter from the King of Curly Town and Lachy has been invited to a Japanese tea ceremony - how exciting!


  1. Three Button Polka
  2. Five Fingered Family (Live)
  3. It's A Message from Curly Town
  4. The Message Song: Japanese Tea Ceremony
  5. Ponso The Pony
  6. Haru Ga Kita (Instrumental)
  7. To Have A Tea Party (New recording)


  • This is the first episode to feature Shirley Shawn the Unicorn.