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Food, Food, Party Food is a Wiggles song from Party Time!. It's adapted from the Waterloo Hornpipe.


Paul: Oh, at a merry birthday party

Food may well be fresh or hearty

Baked or fried or chopped or diced

Or freezing or hot, hot, hot, hot

Decorated, macerated, incinerated, have I stated

Put the party pasta in the party pot?

Party pies and sausage rolls,

fairy bread, doughnut holes

Moussaka, cannelloni,

matcha cakes and enchiladas

Baklava and tiramisu,

fruit juice, they are yummy too

Let's all finish off with some coffee too

I love making parties

And I'd like to welcome you

Yes, the food is in the fridge

Until you cook it through

Oh, we're at a party

And there's so much food to see

Fill your plate, have a seat

At a party.

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