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Fred the Floating Zoo is the sixteenth episode of Ferry Boat Fred. It first aired on the ABC on 20 April 1992.


Fred loves taking passengers from one wharf to another. One day,he finds some zoo animals on their day off and they want a ride on him. Despite Fred's objections, they get onboard anyway. It's all smooth sailing, until the monkey snaps Fred's mast. The giraffe obliges to fix it and it's all smooth sailing again until the polar bear sits in front of Fred, causing him to crash into a rock, creating a big hole in his hull. The elephants suck out the water and squirt it back into the harbour. Fred decides to go to Spike's workshop and even though it was closed for the day, the animals fix Fred's hull and mast and in no time at all, Fred is looking like a new ferry.

Fred takes the animals back to the zoo and as he leaves, he hopes they get a different ferry to take them on their next day off.


  • The scene where the Monkey broke Fred's mast was used in the ABC for Kids Video Promos from 1993-1997.