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Happy Holiday is the eighteenth episode of Series 1 of Bananas in Pyjamas aired on 12th August 1992.


The Teddies and Bananas are going on a holiday. Everyone goes home to pack but Morgan just wants to play a little longer in the park. But when Amy locks her key and tickets inside the house, it's Morgan who saves the day.


The Teddies and Bananas are going on a holiday. While Amy and Lulu are packing at home, Morgan is in the park trying to teach the Bananas how to ride a scooter. B1 thinks that he is getting the hang of it but crashes into something. Just as B2 is about to try, Lulu arrives and reminds them that they are going on holiday that afternoon. The Bananas decide to go home and pack. Morgan decides he wants one more ride and decides to stay a bit longer.

At the Teddies' house, Lulu is finished but Amy keeps forgetting if she packed certain items or not. She forgets if she packed her sunhat and opens the suitcase to find it squashed. Lulu finds something and asks Amy what it is. Amy replies that it's something to take swimming in the lake.

The Bananas arrive and the 4 of them walk out the door before realizing they forgot about Morgan. The Bananas go off to look for him. Meanwhile, the Teddies realize that the door is locked and their key and tickets are inside. Morgan arrives back at the house with the Bananas and reveals he has his own key. However, they accidentally inflate the Bananas' raft. They all carry the raft off to the train station.