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Happy Holidays is a Thomas and Friends video that was released in 2000. A rare 2006 DVD exists but it excludes the songs.


It's a peep peep and a chuff chuff for all the Thomas the Tank Engine fans out there with 6 more adventures with Thomas and his friends plus 3 special holiday songs for you to learn!


  1. Sir Topham Hatt's Holiday* - The engines are ready when Sir Topham, Lady Hatt and their grandchildren need some help on the river.
  2. Make Someone Happy - James cheers up when he is asked to take Mrs. Kyndley to the fairground for a special treat.
  3. Stepney Gets Lost* - Stepney gets lost on the way back from the Quarry and nearly ends up as scrap!
  4. Thomas, Percy and Old Slow Coach - When a workmen's hut catches fire, Thomas and Percy have to act quickly.
  5. Oliver's Find* - Oliver is sent away on the mail run and runs into a spot of trouble.
  6. Busy Going Backwards - The trucks play a trick on Toad after he complains of going backwards all the time.

* Followed by all three songs.


  1. Percy's Seaside Trip
  2. Come for the Ride
  3. Harold the Helicopter



2000 AUS VHS

2006 AUS DVD