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He's a Cockatoo is a Don Spencer song from Feathers, Fur or Fins.

Song Credits

Don Spencer/Allan Caswell Published by MCA-Gilbey


It – may - sound absurd, but I've heard a bird,

Who screeches and makes speeches in the spoken word.

He's got a snow white coat, and he can even quote,

Some lines from famous poems that Henry Lawson wrote.

And though he's not been known to use a telephone,

he can hold a conversation on his own.

He'll say 'G'day' and then he'll fly away,

but he'll be back to talk to us another day.

Chorus He's a Cockatoo - and he will talk to you,

Or imitate any sound you want him to.

He's a cockatoo - he's Aussie through and through.

He's a 'Hello cocky - have a cracker',

'Hello cocky - what's the matter'.

He's a sulphur crested cockatoo.

He comes to visit me, and sits up in a tree,

and demonstrates his very vast vocabulary.

When he says 'Hello mate', you know his diction's great.

If I could talk as well as him I’d run the state!

Chorus x 3