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The evolution of Henry the Octopus (1992 - Present).

Costume 1


1992 - 1996: The original Henry costume represents a major departure from later costumes. He has small eyes, eyebrows, and a very pale purple color. Also, rather than a bowtie, he sports what appears to be a belt on his neck.

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Costume 2


1996 - 1997: Henry's design is given a slight overhaul, he now has bigger, more oval-shaped eyes. His skin is in a mauve colour. His belt is also redesigned slightly.

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Costume 3


1997 - 1998 Henry's design is given another overhaul. Instead of a belt, Henry now has a bowtie. His bowtie goes down at the bow. Now his tentacles are rounder and all of his shoes shine. His skin is now a blue-violet colour.

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Costume 4


1998 - 2001: Similar to the previous costume, but now his blue-violet color is darker and his head is rounder and taller. The patterns on his clothing are also changed slightly. His bowtie is now more straight.

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Costume 5

2001 - 2007: Henry now has a more cartoon like design. He looks a bit chubbier than previous costumes, and his shoes are rounder and his tentacles are curved. His head is skinnier and his hat is now straight on the top of his head instead of crooked on the side. The patterns on his clothing and hat are given a complete overhaul.

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Version 1

Version 2 Appears in: 


Version 2

Version 3 Appears in:


Version 3

Version 4 Appears in:


Version 4

Version 5 Appears in: 


Version 5

Costume 6


2007 - 2010: This costume is like the last one except that he now has gloves and his head is bigger.

Version 1 Appears in:

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Costume 7


2009 - present: The costume has a skinnier head and Henry's eyes are smaller. Henry's gloves are now back to shoes. Henry looks like his eyes are both looking in different directions. And his head looks like fabric.

Version 1 Appears in:

Version 2 Appears in:

Costume 8


2015 - present: Henry goes through a slight overhaul.

Version 1 Appears in:

Version 2 Appears In: